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SixthContinent: what it is and how it works

WARNING: This article is not updated.


SixthContinent is an international profit-sharing platform that makes you earn credits you can then use for your purchases: fuel, grocery shopping at a supermarket, clothes and much more. To get the most out of the site, you need to make your purchases through the platform. How? It’s easy: instead of paying directly in the shop with your credit card or cash, you must first buy a shopping card on the website and use this shopping card as payment method.

For each card you buy on SixthContinent a small percentage in the form of credit is immediately returned to your virtual wallet. In some periods SixthContinent is able to offer higher creditback percentages on some cards, as for example 20% or even 40%.

Furthermore, every first day of the month you receive in your wallet a free monthly credit of a few euros, just because you are registered on the platform. This credit was the famous daily credit (currently become monthly) coming from the creditback of purchases made by all SixthContinent members. You can use this credit to pay your favorite cards up to 50% of their value.

You can also receive Mo.Mo.Sy. points by performing activities on the site (e.g. completing the profile, logging in every day, reviewing purchases). Even these points can be used to purchase cards, in addition to or as an alternative to credit, always up to a maximum of 50% of their value.

How to use SixthContinent at its best?

As soon as you become a member of SixthContinent you ask yourself what are the first things to do. What I always recommend is to study well your own monthly expenses: where you do your grocery shopping or fuel or, for example, in which shops you buy clothes. Then, all you have to do is just look for these companies in the SixthContinent shop. There are lots of supermarket chains, gas stations, there are Amazon, OVS, Zalando, H&M, but also Decathlon, Ikea or entertainment cards such as Netflix. So, instead of buying directly from the stores, first you buy the card on SixthContinent, and then you use it normally on their websites or in the stores.

This is just the starting point, because you will then discover many realities on SixthContinent, more or less known, and you will really find high quality companies.

Moreover, on SixthContinent you can also pay your utility bills, MAV and RAV and top-up your mobile phone credit thanks to additional services dedicated to this purpose.

SixthContinent is free, and the only thing you have to do not to lose your credit is make at least 1 purchase every month on the platform. If you don’t, your credits will be reset until the arrival of the next monthly income. Mo.Mo.Sy points, instead, never expire.

Why do we get this money from SxC?

Here is the part that I love to explain, especially because when I created my account I wanted to understand well why I received credits for free. SixthContinent is a virtuous platform because it retains only 30% of the money it earns from transactions, and leaves the 70% to its users: 50% is for the user who made the purchase and the remaining 20% is equally divided among all registered members. That’s where the credit you find every first of the month in your virtual wallet comes from, without having to do anything!

Furthermore, if your monthly purchases reach €300 you will also receive the Extra Profit, which is a variable sum (usually between €7 and €10) that is credited to you for every €300 spent. So, if you spend €600, you will receive two Extra Profits. The Extra Profits are made up of all the credits coming from the users who have not made a purchase in the calendar month.

How to register to SixthContinent?

When you create your account, SixthContinent gives you 5€ of credit and, if you complete your profile, 12.500 Mo.Mo.Sy points (equal to €5).


If you sign up from my link, I will earn a small percentage on your purchases, but this does not represent a loss for you, since you will always have the creditback you deserve. I will simply become your tutor and explain in detail how SixthContinent works and how to use it to the fullest, and I will answer all your doubts and questions.

Here is an example of a tutor’s earnings: if one of my affiliates buys a €600 card of “Iper la Grande I”, I earn €0,75. As you can see, the sum is rightly quite insignificant, because this is not a pyramid scheme. The real profit from SixthContinent is made by passing all your purchases through the platform and not from the affiliates!

My guide to SixthContinent

Now that you know how the platform works in general, you can read my complete guide to SixthContinent, which helps you to get started. You’ll see that in no time you’ll understand how it works and how to increase your purchasing power.

If you have any doubts, you can ask me anything that you’re unclear about through the Contacts page or sending an e-mail to . Follow me also on my Facebook page and join my group Risparmio e SixthContinent!