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SixthContinent: the essential user guide

WARNING: This article is not updated.


This guide is for those who have not yet signed up to SixthContinent and want to learn more about it, but it’s meant especially for users who are already registered, who can find lots of useful information. At the end of the article, you will also find some files to keep track of your purchases on SixthContinent. Join my Facebook group, I’ll wait for you!

  • If, by any chance, you are not yet registered to SixthContinent, the first step is certainly to sign up, by clicking here. Registration is free and always will be.
  • Once registered, you will receive a €10 welcome gift: €5 of credit and, if you complete the profile with your data, 12.500 Mo.Mo.Sy. points, equal to €5.
  • The cards you buy are usually activated after 3 working days (not counting the day they were purchased); if you want them to be immediately active, you must add a Sponsored Offer: these are cards with a very high creditback that sell quality products or useful services. Always check well before buying because, for example, the SO does not allow immediate activation for BITSA top-up in any case.

This is my guide, divided in macro topics:

    1. Monthly credit
    2. How to buy on SixthContinent
    3. Don’t lose your credit
    4. Extra Profit
    5. Extra monthly award (game of the sponsored cards)
    6. MoMoSy points
    7. Pagameno
    8. RicaricaCell
    9. Guadagnalink
    10. How to earn credits on SixthContinent
    11. Orange: the subscription
    12. How to open a support ticket
    13. Known Issues
    14. Useful files to download

1. Monthly credit

Every month, just because you are a SixthContinent member, you receive a free credit of a few euros that is directly added to your virtual Wallet every first day of the month.

These credits come from the purchases of all the users: SixthContinent, in fact, shares a part of its earnings with all his members.

Before June 1, 2019 the free credit was distributed daily, while now it is credited at once on the first day of the month following the one it is accrued.

These are the past monthly earnings obtained from the daily credit:

  • January 2019 ⇒ 11,99 €
  • February 2019 ⇒ 11,39 €
  • March 2019 ⇒ 12,52 €
  • April 2019 ⇒ 11,05 €
  • May 2019 ⇒ 11,34 €
  • June 2019 ⇒ 5 + 9 €
  • July 2019 ⇒ 6,50 €
  • August 2019 ⇒ 8 €

2. How to buy on SixthContinent

When you buy something you can choose how to pay among different possibilities:

  • using only credits
  • using only MO.MO.SY. points
  • using MO.MO.SY. points + credits
  • deselect all the previous options and pay everything with your money

It is possible to pay with credits and points up to 50% of the value of the card, while the remaining 50% will have to be paid with your own money (with your virtual wallet or with other payment methods).

The percentage of creditback that is immediately returned to your virtual wallet is well specified for every card.

Accepted payment methods on SixthContinent are:

  • credit card through ComNpay
  • credit card through MistralPay
  • instant bank transfer through Sofort
  • instant bank transfer through MyBank
  • Amazon Pay (actually available only for some purchases)

There is no restriction for the first monthly purchase

In July, 2018 a rule was introduced stating that, for the first purchase of some of the brands, a SO was required. Over time the constraints on the first purchase of the month have undergone several changes, until June 1, 2019.

Now there are no more restrictions and you can buy every card without a SO requirement and without minimum amount.

3. Don’t lose your credit

In your virtual wallet you can find two sections: my credits and my MO.MO.SY. points. In order not to lose your gained credit you must make at least ONE purchase, of any amount, in the current month.

Otherwise you will still be registered on the platform, and you will start to accumulate credit again from the first day of the following month. MO.MO.SY. points, instead, never expire. This is why I advise you not to sign up in the last days of the month[1]  [nota: qui in italiano dici che ne parli poco più su ma in realtà se si legge la guida in ordine non è così. In italiano toglierei il riferimento]: in fact you may not have the time to understand how the platform works or there may be some malfunctions that prevents you from making purchases, resulting in a loss of credits.

4. Extra Profit

All the members spending at least €300 on the platform, in a calendar month, obtain the Extra Profit, i.e. a variable sum (on average about 6/7 euros) which is credited in the SixthContinent wallet on the first day of the following month. Extra Profits accumulate, so every €300 you are entitled to one Extra Profit. If you spend €900 in a calendar month, you are entitled to 3 Extra Profits. The Extra Profit is nothing more than the credit of citizens who have not even made a purchase on the platform in an entire calendar month, which is then redistributed among the users that are more economically “active”.

These are the Extra Profits of the year 2018:

And these are the EPs of 2019:

  • January ⇒ 13 €
  • February ⇒ 14 €
  • March ⇒ 12 €
  • April ⇒ 12 €
  • May ⇒ 10 €
  • June ⇒ 8 €
  • July ⇒ 7 €
  • August ⇒ 5 €

5. Extra monthly award

The extra monthly award, also called “game of the sponsored cards”, is an additional gain you can obtain through the purchase of Sponsored Offers. This is how it works:

  • €1 for the 2nd purchased sponsored card
  • €2,50 for the 5th purchased sponsored card
  • €5 for the 8th purchased sponsored card
  • €7,50 for the 11th purchased sponsored card
  • €10 for the14th purchased sponsored card
  • €12,50 for the 17th purchased sponsored card
  • €15 for the 20th purchased sponsored card
  • €17,50 for the 23th purchased sponsored card
  • €20 for the 26th purchased sponsored card
  • €22,50 for the 29th purchased sponsored card
  • €25 for the 32th purchased sponsored card
  • €27,50 for the 35th purchased sponsored card
  • €30 for the 38th purchased sponsored card
  • €32,50 for the 41th purchased sponsored card
  • €35 for the 44th purchased sponsored card
  • €37,50 for the 47th purchased sponsored card
  • €40 for the 50th purchased sponsored card

The rewards for each step achieved are added together, so you can get up to €341 with the sponsored cards! Let’s take a practical example: you earn nothing for the first sponsored card, €1 for the second; nothing with the third and the fourth; the fifth gives you another €2,50 so you reach a total of €3,50; you earn nothing with the sixth and the seventh; with the eighth you earn 5€ that are added to the previous €1+2,50 and so on.

The monthly Extra reward is distributed the first day of the month following the purchase, together with the Extra Profit.

6. Mo.Mo.Sy. points

Mo.Mo.SY. points are an additional gain obtained by performing simple actions on the platform. 1.250 MOMOSY points are worth €0,50 and, when used, they are deducted in multiples of 50 cents. Let’s see how MOMOSY points can be earned:

  • 5.000 points with the registration
  • 7.400 points with the profile completion
  • 100 points with your every day first login
  • 500 points if you log in every day of a week
  • 1.000 points if you log in every day of a month
  • 8.000 points if you log in every day of a year
  • 1.000 points with the 1st purchase
  • 1.500 points with the 5th purchase
  • 1.700 points with the 10th purchase
  • 2.000 points with the 20th purchase
  • 2.300 points with the 35th purchase
  • 2.800 points with the 60th purchase
  • 3500 points with the 100th purchase
  • 7.000 points after every 100 purchases (after the 100th)
  • 1.000 points with the 1st review after the purchase
  • 1.200 points with the 5th review after the purchase
  • 1.800 points with the 10th review after the purchase
  • 2.000 points every 10 reviews after the purchase (after the 10th review)
  • 2.000 points after you invite 20 new users who have made at least 1 purchase
  • 3.000 points after you invite 50 new users who have made at least 1 purchase
  • 5.000 points after you invite 100 new users who have made at least 1 purchase
  • 10.000 points every 100 new users who have made at least 1 purchase invited (after the 100 new users step)

7. Pagameno

In the PAGAMENO section you can pay (up to €998 + €2 commission):

  • postal payment slips (e.g. phone or other utility bills; fines; subscriptions)
  • Mav (issued by banks and credit institutions)
  • Rav (e.g. fines for violations of traffic laws)
  • F24 CANNOT be paid

From June 1, 2019 you can use Pagameno only if you’re an Orange subscriber.

Furthermore, in order to use Pagameno you must have credits equal to at least 10% of the amount you have to pay (commission included. Credits will be automatically detracted, with no possibility of choice, up to 50% of the total amount.

The payment through SixthContinent has a commission of 2 euros, but 0,50 cents are immediately returned to your virtual wallet. You can use credits to pay, but not points. You will find the payment receipt in your “My Wallet” section under the heading “Pagameno”.

Important: payment with Pagameno is counted for the Extra Profit.

Clicking here, you can read my guide about how to use Pagameno.

8. Ricaricacell

With SixthContinent you can also top-up your phone credit if your mobile operator is Vodafone, Tim, Wind, Tre, Kena Mobile, Digi mobil, Lycamobile, ho. Top-ups are available in denominations of €20 (or €25) or €50.

Top-ups have no commissions and are also counted for the Extra Profit.

9. Guadagnalink

Guadagnalink is the integration of Best Shopping on SixthContinent. It allows you to get a creditback in credits by purchasing on partner sites.

Guadagnalink is not counted for the Extra Profit

To know how it works read my guide about Guadagnalink.

10. How to earn credits on SixthContinent

In summary, with SxC you can earn credits from:

  • your purchases
  • the purchases of the friends you invite
  • the purchases of all the users (in the form of monthly credit)
  • Guadagnalink

Recently there are some special offers, called Family Box, which are useful to get lots of credits that will then allow you to buy cards and use SixthContinent’s additional services. On this page you can find the summary of the Family Box released in Italy so far, with all the details.

11. Orange: the subscription

Becoming an Orange user on SixthContinent gives you a lot of advantages:

  • you can buy some important cards, e.g. Amazon or Bitsa
  • you have access to reserved offers, or offers with more favorable conditions than non-Orange users

However, being an Orange subscriber does not change the basic rules of SixthContinent: the activation time of normal cards does not change, the obligation to have a certain percentage of credits to buy cards does not change, and it does not save your credits if you do not make at least one purchase in the calendar month.

For the details you can read my article about Orange subscription.

12. If you have problems: how to open a support ticket

In case of problems you can find a solution typing your questions in the orange box “? support” that you find at the bottom right of the browser; from the mobile you can see only the orange question mark, but it works in the same way.

f you want to contact the support, just click on the “contact us” button, and the support will respond within 72 hours. Have patience if the support is slow: maybe they have a lot of work to do, but they always solve the problems!

Do not write to the support from the APP, because there is a bug that blocks the support from receiving the requests. To be sure that your request has been taken care of, wait for the immediate email that confirms that your inquiry has been received.

After opening a ticket, always remember to answer to the same and not to open another one. The duplicates, in fact, only slow down the work of the support, lengthening the waiting times for all users.

To view and manage your open tickets, simply go to this dedicated page and sign up with the same email address you use on SixthContinent (note: it will not be enough to log in, but the first time you will have to register to this site).

13. Known issues

  • If you make a purchase selecting “credits” and it is not successful or you decide to stop the procedure, you’ll see that the credits will be detracted from your virtual wallet. But don’t worry: the all the credit will be available again within half an hour.
  • If you have just signed up, you will probably see a message telling you that you need to confirm your profile clicking on a link that arrives in email, but this email may not arrive. If you don’t receive it, contact the support and explain the problem, they will send you the email.
  • Sometimes, even if rarely, the cards are not available on the scheduled day. After 24 hours, you can contact the support. My advice is to try, as much as possible, to plan your expenses so that any delays do not affect your shopping. In addition, it is possible to ask other users for the card on loan. You will be amazed by how much kindness and availability you will find among sxc users!
  • New members, always more frequently, find themselves blocked by Diana after the first or after the first few purchases. This is another reason not to sign up at the end of the month, and not to wait for the last few days to make the first purchase. The control procedure, in fact, can be very short (1 day) or even quite long (10 days), depending on how much work the support has to do.
  • Apps for iOS and Android work well, but some cards can’t be bought or viewed or downloaded from the app. So, before opening a ticket, always check also from PC or from the phone browser.

If you still don’t know what SixthContinent is but this guide has intrigued you, you can understand what it is by reading my article.

For any doubt, you can join my Facebook group Risparmio e SixthContinent, which is not the official SixthContinent group nor does it represent the support in any way but it’s where I and many other users help new members and where we exchange opinions, advices and reviews.

14. Useful files to download

Here’s a memo I created to help you keep track of your purchases and of the cards you’ve bought. You can download it and print it by clicking here: memo SixthContinent

Since I don’t like Excel very much, but many prefer it over the more classic “pen and paper”, here are two files prepared by two users, who kindly decided to share them with all of us:

Both files have the guide that explains how to use them, but, in case of doubt, you can find Davide and Diego in my Facebook group “Risparmio e SixthContinent, where you can ask them everything you need.