With SXC CARD you can top up your SixthContinent balance, that can be found in your wallet under “Current balance”.

You can top up your balance in different ways:

  1. with a SXC CARD you buy directly on SixthContinent
  2. with a SXC CARD coming from Turbo Offers

1. How to buy a SXC CARD on SixthContinent

This is how you can buy a SXC CARD and then add it to your SixthContinent account balance.

You must open your “My Wallet” section. From there you can see your “Current Balance”. Then click on “View all”:

wallet sixthcontinent

Click on the blue button “Buy it now!”

how to buy sxc card

And you’ll get the card ready to be bought.

sxc card in the shop

From smartphones you don’t immediately see the screens as I indicated above. I’d like to thank Pamela T. who showed me how to top up the account balance without having to select the “desktop” version of the site. In particular: click on “Wallet” and then from the left menu “Account balance”. Close the menu with the “X” and you’ll see “Buy it now!”. Then you will see the SXC CARD ready to be bought.

Once purchased, just go back to the main screen of your “Account Balance”, select the option “Tramite SXC Card” and enter the code and the pin in the correct boxes. The balance is updated instantly.

2. How to top up your balance with a SXC CARD coming from Turbo Offers

After the activation of a Turbo offer that consists of a SXC CARD, this must be downloaded: go to your wallet in the “My Cards” section and click on Download. You will then receive an email with a link, from which you can download your SXC card.

All you have to do is go to your “My wallet” and click on “View all” below “Current Balance”.

On the next screen, select the top-up mode “Tramite SXC CARD” and then enter the code and the pin that you find in the pdf attached to the email. The balance will be immediately updated.

sxc card

Terms & Conditions:

  • The purchase of SXC CARD is not counted for Extra Profit. The amount you spent is counted for EP only when you use your balance to buy something on SixthContinent.
  • The card is immediately active after the purchase.
  • With your account balance you can’t buy another SXC CARD or offers that contain it. So, you cannot pay Turbo Offers with your virtual wallet if they consist of SXC CARD.
  • With the account balance you can buy every card that is on SixthContinent (excluded the ones that need only credits to be bought like Amazon). If a purchase exceeds the balance you can eventually complete the payment with other payment methods (e.g. credit card or bank transfer).
  • Every offer containing the SXC CARD must be purchased in a different cart from all the other shopping cards.
  • The SXC CARD cannot be refunded, resold or used fraudulently.
  • The SXC CARD is valid for 24 months from the emission date. Once added to the balance, the SXC CARD does not expire.

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