SixthContinent Orange is the subscription that allows you to take advantage of the Turbo offers without haste, because they will be available longer, even when they’re over for the no-orange users. Furthermore, you will have access to a whole series of special offers reserved for subscribers, such as cards with higher creditback than usual.

The purchase of the subscription counts as the first purchase of the month, obviously only for the month in which it is subscribed, and it contributes to the achievement of the Extra Profit!

The subscription is not mandatory, but it is recommended if you don’t want to miss the great opportunities offered by SxC.

You can find the box for the subscription in the “Portafoglio” section, just below the “Guadagnalink” box.

How much does the subscription cost?

You can choose between 2 plans:

● 12 MONTHS for €24 (monthly €2)
● 6 MONTHS for €14,40 (monthly €2,40)

The subscriptions cannot be paid with points or credits, but only with traditional payment methods.

Attention: the Orange subscription does not change the rule of the first purchase of the month.

I’ve already subscribed it, and you? If you don’t know SixthContinent, read: what it is and how it works.

I’ll wait for you on my facebook group Risparmio e SixthContinent!


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